If we do Lean, then we want to do it in the best way possible. That's why we are the only organisation in the Netherlands that is closely linked to the founders of the Lean philosophy, Jim Womack and Dan Jones and the organisation founded by them: the Lean Global Network. They did extensive research and developed the Lean methodology and published many books about it.

Since our inception, we are therefore proud to have been part of the Lean Global Network, the world's leading organization when it comes to Lean. As a result, we are at the forefront of new developments, have an extensive network of leading experts worldwide, and an unrivalled wealth of experience in working on issues in very diverse organisations.

That is why we do Lean in a Lean way: we do not 'implement' Lean, but we use Lean to solve organizational issues. We are the only organisation in the Netherlands that works according to the Lean Transformation Framework, developed by the Lean Global Network.

We are at the forefront of the development and publication of knowledge and skills. For example, we were the first and only party in the Netherlands to develop a university Lean Postgraduate Program in close cooperation with our Italian and Spanish colleagues and Barcelona Tech. And we took the initiative to launch Planet Lean, our popular online web magazine where we publish 3 new articles, cases and interviews each week. And we publish several Lean books each year and develop customised educational materials. And we have a strategic partnership with Nyenrode Business University. We are therefore not only seen as the leading party in the Netherlands, but also worldwide when it comes to Lean.

Our team in the Netherlands consists of 13 driven and ambitious people. Our trainers all have years of practical experience as managers responsible for Lean transformations, before they joined LMI. They therefore draw fully from their own experience and will help you to immediately apply what you have learned to your own organisation. Direct results for your customers, yourself and the organization you work for or lead.