This Master Black Belt: Lean Professional Development Program is a six-day program designed for individuals who are responsible for the Lean transformation in their organization(s). You play an important role in implementing process improvements and in training employees and managers.

You already have extensive experience in the application of Lean at Value Stream level and you are ready for your next step in development: getting to work at all levels of the organisation to realise a structural culture change. You understand the challenges of the organisation and are able to translate these challenges into countermeasures for each layer of the organisation. Ultimately, you create an organisation that is capable of continuous improvement. During the programme you also carry out a project in your own organisation.

This is what you are going to learn

  • Lean infrastructure (setting up transformations)

  • Lean leadership

  • Value Stream improvement

  • Operational management

  • Lean culture

  • A3 methodology

  • Strategy deployment

  • 8 basic issues in an organization

  • Problem analysis

  • Inspiring and coaching a team

  • To see related processes and their coherence

  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement

Day 0: Intake interview

The training starts with an intake, in which the content of the programme is explained and together we look at the possibilities and the starting point for the realisation of a project in the own organisation.

Day 1 & 2: Lean Transformation

The first two days are dedicated to shaping a Lean transformation via the Lean Infrastructure & the Lean Transformation Framework.

  • Overview and deepening of the A3 method.
  • Creating a strategic plan for the entire organization and creating a dialogue between the different layers in the organization.
  • Translate the strategic organizational objectives into departmental objectives and concrete process objectives (strategy deployment).
  • Setting up and using an Obeya (and practicing this in a simulation).
  • 8 basic issues in an organization.
  • Lean leadership and standard work for a leader.

Day 3 & 4: Analysing problems

Day 3 and 4 are dedicated to analyzing and solving the real issues in the organization (value stream improvement). You will learn;

  • Gemba walk and methods to see the real issues of the organization.
  • Finding source causes and formulating countermeasures.
  • Fulfilling a coaching role in the creation and realisation of A3's at strategic, departmental and process levels.

Day 5 & 6: Organisation A3

The last two days are dedicated to the development of an organizational A3 and guidance and coaching on its implementation. Coaching multiple projects at different levels of the organization and making sure these projects contribute to actual end results.

Your improvement project

We believe; Lean is not something you learn from a booklet or a PowerPoint. That's why a hands-on improvement project is part of this training. During the first session, the trainers will help you determine the scope of your path for certification. You may also already have an issue/project in mind to work on. We are happy to help you successfully complete this training!

When did you pass this training?

The certification consists of two parts: first you have to take a written exam on the theory dealt with during the course and studied by you. This test consists of 10 open questions, you get 90 minutes to answer them and it is not an open book test. The tested subjects concern the material that has been dealt with during the training days and the distributed literature (articles and books). The second part is a company visit (Gemba Walk) in which you show how your organisation is managed, which steps you have taken in the Lean transformation and how you have developed yourself in Lean knowledge and skills. If you achieve a sufficient score (at least 5,5 on a scale of 10) for both parts, you will receive a certificate Lean Master Black Belt LPDP.

After this training you have

Knowledge and insight into how you can act as a contact person for senior management and departmental management. You have learned how to translate strategic organisational objectives into departmental objectives and concrete process objectives. You understand what the challenges of an organisation are and you are able to identify root causes. This enables you to define appropriate countermeasures. Of course, you do not do this alone. After all, after this training you are able to give training in the essential Lean methods and techniques, so that employees and managers can start working with the acquired skills in the organisation themselves. You have learned to take a facilitating and coaching role in the making and realisation of A3's and improvement plans on strategic level, departmental level and process level. With this knowledge and skills, you can coach multiple projects at different levels of the organisation. In this way you ensure that these projects contribute to actual (final) results.