Since November 2015, the Lean Management Institute and the Nyenrode Lean Institute have been working closely together. Both institutes have a common mission which is to spread Lean thinking and doing in Dutch business and society.

The Nyenrode Lean Institute includes an Experiential Learning Center, an academic research center and an exclusive community. The NLI offers various opportunities for you as an individual or for your organization. You can go for example:

  • Training: we provide both training courses that you can register for as an individual and courses that we develop tailor-made for your organisation;
  • Masterclasses: these are two-day masterclasses like Lean Fundamentals and Lean Leadership, but also with leading experts on themes like Lean Accounting, Lean IT, Lean in Services, Lean in Product & Process Development;
  • Events: such as the Lean Experience Days, our annual conference, and company visits
  • Inspiration meetings: free accessible meetings on interesting Lean themes or methodologies, with speakers from the field and excellent opportunities to network and to get answers to your own questions;
  • Coaching and support of executives and organisations 'on the job': we guide strategic sessions, design and coach Executives in their own Lean Transformations.

So feel free to contact us to discuss your own question with us!


Lean fits perfectly with the core values of Nyenrode: Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Stewardship. By partnering with LMI, we give our students and clients access to the best Lean knowledge and experience.

Leen Paape - Dean Nyenrode


Through our partnership we reach even more Executives and Future Leaders with top-notch Lean expertise.

René Aernoudts- Director Nyenrode Lean Institute