The Lean Management Institute is part of the Lean Global Network (LGN) headquartered in Boston, USA. LGN is a network of 31 non-profit, mission-driven institutes that take responsibility for spreading Lean thinking and practice in their countries and regions.

With around 300 Lean experts worldwide, we support organizations in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Our definition of Lean thinking & doing: Systematically developing people and continuously improving processes aimed at creating value and prosperity with the least possible consumption of resources.

Our experience

Our experience shows that Lean thinking and doing can help to: improve organizational performance and raise living standards achieve a balance between our increased desire to consume and minimize the use of scarce resources and the impact on the environment provide more fulfilling work and continuous development for everyone enable consumers to create more value in their increasingly busy lives. We work closely together as institutions in what we call Co-Learning, Educating and Sharing:

 We work for our global clients and develop 'fit-for-purpose' solutions with core teams. For example, we actively participate in the development of completely new products and services, setting up new production facilities and developing new markets. Clients appreciate our approach, style of working, having a single point of contact and the fact that we have standard material available in numerous languages.
By combining our knowledge and experience and making it accessible, we help our clients with quick access to state-of-the-art knowledge and experience. We quickly develop business games, simulations, workshop materials, prototypes and much more (both on request of our clients or on our own initiative). Our training courses and workshops are highly valued and lead to impressive results. We work together with various universities and colleges both in education and in research and development.
We publish appealing case studies, methodologies and inspiring columns via our newsletters, social media, websites and Planet Lean web magazine.


31 institutes and representations worldwide!

Executive Committee of the Lean Global Network

René Aernoudts
John Shook
Roberto Ronzani
Thomas Koch
Oriol Quatrecasas
Matthew Savas
Dave Brunt

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