There are many different issues where Lean can help. Often you can already come a long way by reading a book, or following a training course. But you can also contact us for advice and coaching for Lean Transformations. We help with the design of a process, guide management and employees, train and help with various methods to achieve results.

You've come to the right place if you want help with your own issue!

  • We have coached more than 500 organisations since our inception in 2004
  • We have trained and helped thousands of people to improve successfully
  • We work in small, medium-sized and large organizations (between 4 and 285,000 employees)
  • We have experience in all industries and disciplines, in both profit and not for profit organizations
  • We get results!

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Lean Transformation Model

As the Lean Global Network, we use the Lean Transformation Model (Lean Transformation Framework) for Lean projects worldwide.

In the video above, John Shook, CEO of LEI and the Lean Global Network explains the Lean Transformation Framework.

What is Lean?

Our definition of Lean thinking and doing is Systematically developing people and continuously improving processes to bring value and prosperity with the least possible use of resources. The term Lean was launched by our founders Jim Womack and Dan Jones in the late 1980s as the name for their management theory, based on the Toyota Business System. Lean as a business system starts with understanding the higher purpose of an organization (Purpose), designing and managing efficient processes (Process) and developing people (People).

Read more about our definition of Lean in the article 'what is Lean (management)'.

Is Lean something for your organization?

You probably do. Lean can help with many issues, in all kinds of organizations and fields. What can that look like for you?

  • Read more about Lean in similar organizations or disciplines in our cases or on our web magazine Planet Lean
  • Join us on a company visit to see Lean in practice
  • Come to one of our free sensei sessions to discuss your question with one of our advisors
  • Invite us or visit us for an informal talk to discuss your issue

Lessons Learned and Pitfalls

Lean seems simple, but in practice it can be quite difficult. Therefore some 'lessons learned' and 'pitfalls'... use them to your advantage

  • Recent research shows that successful Lean organizations have different ways of making Lean work for them. In other words: there appears to be no best 'one size fits all' approach. Adaptability and flexibility are not only a goal for an organization, but are also important in the way we design and manage Lean processes.
  • Lean Transformations work especially well when the management team itself pro-actively steers the transformation, applies Lean to their own work and role, works with Lean through the normal hierarchical structure, with the support of Lean coaches, and also does PDCA on the transformation itself.
  • Lean works especially well when it is focused on solving real (business) issues from the perspective of customer value, in 'Flow' with a 'Pull' for learning, where countermeasures are thoroughly tested before they are rolled out with continuous learning and development for everyone.

Read more about Lessons Learned & Pitfalls of Lean