The Online Lean Practitioner Course (or Lean Black Belt course) is an interactive training (12 half days) designed for individuals and teams with an aim for improving processes within their organization by acquiring thorough understanding of the most important Lean methods and techniques.

The training follows a learn, apply and reflect structure in order to gain, experience and live Lean knowledge and practice. During the course you are invited to and adviced to practically apply the gained knowledge by carrying out an improvement project of your choice, supported by a Lean Global Network coach. After the training has ended, you may opt to apply for certification. This course is an excellent way to achieve true improvements!

Main Topics

The general outline of the Lean Practitioners Course follows the Lean House or Toyota Production System and in so doing has a process focus. Main concepts that will be addressed:

Lean fundamentals

The fundamentals of Lean Thinking and Acting in particular it’s primary focus on creating value for customers by creating briljant processes by developing people.

Problem Solving & A3 thinking

PDCA scientific way of addressing small day to day and recurring problems. A3 methodology of documenting, communicating and coaching of problems and improvement projects.

JIT process improvement

The fundamental and structural (Kaizen) approach to  continuously reduce your leadtime by applying (the tool) value stream mapping and concepts like Flow, Pull and Levelling.

Basic Stability

The big prerequisite for process improvement, How to increase the predictability of process outcome by reducing instability of Man, Machine (computers, software), Material (data) and Method.


The art of building in Quality in Machines and Processes

Operational Management

Managing day to day, week to week, month to month operations by visualizing and addressing deviations at every level in the organisation.

Your A3 improvement project and coaching

We believe that you don’t learn Lean or Six Sigma from a book or a Powerpoint. Therefore certification requires successful completion of a hands-on improvement project. You will be assigned a coach who will assist you (up to 4 – 8 hours included in the entrance fee) during the entire course of your  project assignment. Your coach is a senior trainer/consultant of the Lean Gobal Network based in the country of your residence. In many cases coaching can take place in person and in your native tongue. Everything we do is aimed at making you succesful!


The certification consists of two parts: first, passing an online exam on the theory covered in the training and studied by the participant. The second part is the presentation of the project carried out by the participant in A3 format. With a satisfactory result the participant will receive a  Lean Practitioner (or Lean Black Belt) certificate issued by the Lean Global Network.